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ISO 9001 2008 Certified #7397

Non Destructive Testing Services


  • ACCP Certified Technicians
  • DNV 402B Off-Shore
SonaCorps Ultrasonic Services Include:
  • UT Shearwave (A-Scan, B-Scan, Toft)
  • UT Longidudinal (Straight Beam)
  • UT Thickness (Digital Thickness)
  • Phased Array

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT or MPI)

SonaCorps Magnetic Particle Services Include:
  • Wet Florescent
  • Wet Visible
  • Dry Visible
  • AC or DC Current


Liquid Penetrant (PT or LP)

SonaCorps Liquid Penetrant Services Include:
  • Solevent Removable
  • Water Washable
  • Color Contrast
  • Fluorescent

Eddy Current (ET)

SonaCorps Eddy Current Services:
  • Conductivity
  • Surface Inspection
  • Magnetic Induction Thickness Measurements
  • Bolt Hole Inspection

Visual Inspection (VT)

SonaCorps Visual Services:
  • Certified VT Inspectors On Staff
  • CWI on Contract With Sonacorps
  • Borescope Inspections

Radiography (RT or X-RAY)

We have a radiography company that we contract out for our clients, visit them with any questions or concerns by clicking here NDT-PRO Services, LLC.

Please contact us for more information.
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